Film and Video. Moving Images.

Rohan has had a life long interest in film. A project he worked on at school was presented in Bristol's prestigious Arnolfini Gallery way back around 1974. Despite studying both film, television and photography at college, it's only since the introduction of digital filming and recording that he has been working in the area professionally.

Recently, he has been producing short films for regional councils in the UK, and it's often not possible to show the finished products here, as there are just too many issues regarding confidentiality. However, if you would be interested in a private presentation of some of this work, please do not hesitate to ask.

Currently in Production:

*A short film about an out-door pre-school nursery, including interviews with the staff, for presentation at a conference.

*A different version of this same film that will be used by the nursery to demonstrate their practice. (Due for release mid March 2018)

Recent completed work has included:

*Four short films for presentation at a conference, showing interviews with beneficiaries of local authority services, with the focus on the clients point of view.

*I'm a Governor. A collection of interviews to educate the public about the reasons they might want to become a school governor.

(Please note, that on the production called "I'm a Governor" Rohan was only responsible for the filming and sound recording. All the editing and post production was done in-house by the client. )

*Documentary film about a music workshop that is designed to help some specific pre-school aged children improve their communication skills as part of a program to prepare them for joining full time education in year one.

*Short film documenting a percussion masterclass in an educational setting by a drummer who has worked on internationally acclaimed music recordings and performances.

*A 17 minute film for presentation at a conference relating to the integration of healthcare and preschool checks for 24-27 month old children.
Consisting of a series of interviews with stakeholders in a new administrative process that increases communication between government departments.

*A film about new developments in providing support to parents. Commissioned by Children's Services at a regional council this film consisted of interviews with about ten stakeholders either singularly or in twos, who discussed how the introduction of "Triple P" parenting classes changed their experience around the children involved.
The material was also provided as a series of short clips that were used in presentations by Children's Services officers to other professionals.
There are many issues relating to confidentiality of this material that prohibit placing anything here to view. However, we do have a short selection of material that has been cleared for viewing by people working in the sector. Please contact us for more information should you wish to see this.

*An introduction to non-secure children's homes for viewing by incoming residents at a meeting with Social Workers when the decision to place a young person in such a home is being explained to them. It was designed to capture the flavour of current life in a children's home, and show modern conditions to dispel many outdated ideas about what these homes are like. The film contained interviews with former residents as well as current members of staff and footage from four separate locations.
Again, it's not possible to show any of this material to the general public, as there are many confidential aspects of this kind of work.

Previous earler films that are available for public viewing include:

*A short film that is designed to introduce potential students to the attractions of studying at East Sussex Academy of Music. This film was viewed 2000 times on Facebook in the first week of it's release.