The Congress Theatre, on the South Coast of Sussex in the UK, recently closed for a major 18 month refurbishment. Large parts of the complex were developed, some parts are were demolished and re-built.

Before the keys were handed over to the construction partners, Rohan was given access to the building to record those areas that will soon be changed or gone forever.

This is a small selection of the images.

_DSC1970 copy_DSC1960 copy_DSC1862 copy_DSC1852 copy_DSC1838 copy_DSC1816 copy_DSC1798 copy_DSC1772 copy_DSC1764 copy_DSC1757 copy_DSC1749 copy_DSC1732 copy_DSC1722 copy_DSC1709 copy_DSC1672 copy_DSC1649 copy_DSC1635 copy_DSC1627 copy_DSC1620 copy_DSC1605 copy_DSC1601 copy_DSC1573 copy